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Customer Service Tips for December

Christmas Customer ServiceThe month of December is the busiest trading period for retailers. Shoppers are frantically shopping around gathering presents so that their family and friends have a little surprise come 25th December. Some shoppers start early, however many will leave it to the last minute – probably the week leading to Christmas. Some retailers will be keeping their doors open a little later, some might not even close at all!

Christmas is over and it’s Boxing Day. As we all know, Australians love a good bargain and there’s no better bargain than the Boxing Day Sales – not even Click Frenzy. Retailers will have great numbers of people walking through their doors – some who have never previously considered the store but are attracted by the sales. Retailers will need to make sure every customer that comes through their doors will be satisfied with the service. As they say, one negative experience can be spread to 5 other people verbally and probably another 50 through social media.

By the way, even if you’re not a retailer, there are still some tips available that will be useful for your business. Even though your business might not be busy during the festive season, it might be busy during other times of the year.

As a business we should always be prepared and well equipped for the busier times. One thing that many businesses should be doing is hiring extra staff members during the festive season, “Christmas Casuals” as most would call them. Generally this demographic includes the younger, less experienced staff members who have just finished school and looking for their first job.

Hiring younger and less experienced staff members can be both a good and bad thing. What you save in wages may be transferred to cost of training, time and mistakes.

So here are some tips:

Tip #1
Don’t be short-staffed. Make sure that you have hired and trained your ‘Christmas Casuals’. You will hopefully need them when you have an influx of customers.

Tip #2
Train your staff members for the busy times. Let them know what to expect and how to deal and juggle with multiple customers. Customers during this time are generally time poor and want their transactions to be completed accurately and efficiently. Customers who wait too long will generally leave and shop elsewhere.

Tip #3
Inform your staff members of the promotions available. Shoppers will be shopping for a bargain and your staff members need to know what the sales include and what they don’t include. Keep them up to date with stock levels for the best selling items.

Tip #4
Make sure your staff members know what they are selling. Shoppers during this period will generally be looking for presents, things they wouldn’t buy for themselves. There is a high chance they won’t know what they are buying and will need advice from your staff members.

Tip #5
Motivate your staff members by setting goals and encouraging staff rewards. Your staff members will probably be head down, bum up for the majority of their shift. Encourage them and get them excited about possibly beating sales targets. Reward them with lunch/dinner for their efforts. Make the day fun for them and fun for your customers.

Tip #6
Treat your staff members how you want them to treat your customers. Make your staff members feel welcomed when they start their shift and thank them for their great work once they’ve finished.

Tip #7
Remind your staff members of what you expect from them. Remind them of your customer service standards and other procedures.

There’s less than three weeks before Christmas and a lot of customers to serve. We hope that these tips will help you get through December with flying colours!

Merry Christmas from the team at Mystery Customer!

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