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Service Mistakes Costing Australian Businesses

Sydney – According to new data released by Australian consumer research company, Mystery Customer Pty Limited, Australian businesses could be missing out on millions of dollars of lost revenue as a result of fundamental customer service mistakes.

Responding to the findings Sales and Marketing Director, Robert Jarmyn, says that “it is surprising to see how many businesses failed in one or more basic customer service criteria.”

Mr Jarmyn sites some of the key areas where business fall down in their customer service delivery include:

  • Failing to acknowledge the customers presence
  • Not listening to the customers needs
  • Poor product knowledge
  • Lack of recognition of customer loyalty program membership
  • Inconsistent application of company policy and procedures

It was further pointed out by Mr Jarmyn that in a market where customer experience has become a key distinguishing feature between businesses selling similar products “it is vital that frontline service staff engage with customers in a meaningful way to gain their custom.”

This was confirmed by a recent American Express survey which revealed that customers will spend 9% more with a business when provided with good customers service. Even more importantly 81% of consumers are likely to become repeat customers when they experience good customer service.

Mr Jarmyn suggested ways that a company can improve its customer service standards include;

  • Making the customer feel welcome when they enter the store with a cheerful and friendly greeting. People like to feel appreciated and are much more likely to purchase from someone with whom they have developed a connection.
  • Take time to understand what it is that the customer is there for and ask them if they feel the solutions you are providing meet their needs.
  • Ensure that frontline staff are well trained on the key benefits and features of the products and services that you offer as well as how they might be used by different customers.
  • Highlight the loyalty programs that you offer and ensure that staff recognise loyal customers for their continued patronage via discount and bonus offers
  • Make sure that if your business lists various policies and procedures on your website or in advertising media that your staff are aware of the procedure and know how to follow it properly.

It is also important that companies reward front line service staff who go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service. When staff are recognised for their efforts it comes across a lot more genuinely than when they are only doing it because they are told to.

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