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What’s in a name? Why name badges matter.

Shakespeare asked “what’s in a name?” The answer – improved customer service!

A recent audit of 42 quick service restaurants conducted by Mystery Customer Pty Ltd revealed that 71% of staff members were not wearing name badges. Why are name badges important and why should staff members wear them? Put simply: name badges improve customer relations. Research indicates that customers who know the name of the person serving them have better rapport with the staff member, which can lead to improved sales. 

A studyfrom the US shows that customers want to know a staff member’s name, with 96% of respondents saying that it is important to recognize a person by name when conducting business. More than 70% thought it important to identify a sales person by name, with 76% saying that they trusted and considered the company more professional if staff members were wearing name badges.

Customers like to deal with real people. Knowing the staff member’s name removes the facelessness of just dealing with “reception” or “sales” – this in turn may contribute to the customer feeling more at ease. A studyconducted by a mystery customer company in the UK found that companies who introduced name badges had a 12% increase in customer satisfaction. When satisfaction improves, customers may be open to suggestions for additional products or services.

Name badges also provide accountability. By giving their name, staff cannot hide behind anonymity as they know that they can be identified. Identifying staff members by name also makes it easier for companies to provide feedback on their performance. While employees may be concerned that customers will only provide critical feedback, customers are just as likely to offer positive feedback. As Mystery Customer’s Terry Ashton says “our shoppers want to know the name of the person serving them – for the most part so they can praise the staff member for their great customer service!”

In businesses where uniforms are not worn, name badges help customers identify who works there – we have all found ourselves in a large store mistaking another customer for a staff member! Name badges also save regular customers the embarrassment of forgetting an employee’s name.

Mystery Customer industry audits, conducted by our mystery shoppers, have shown these benefits across various retail industries including: Clubs; vehicle sales; restaurants; health; jewellery; and accommodation.

About Mystery Customer Pty Limited

Mystery Customer is an Australian company founded in 2001 that specialises in providing mystery shopping services to businesses in a wide range of industry services wishing to monitor the performance of their business and improve customer service. Mystery Customer’s services range from monitoring and reporting on customer service standards and compliance with company processes, through to “consumer insights” surveys where actual customers are surveyed using online tools, with sophisticated reporting on results.

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