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What do customers actually want?

Everyone talks about businesses needing good customer service, but what is it?

Mystery Customer surveyed its shoppers to find out.

More than two-thirds (78%) of shoppers believe that good customer service is about staff members getting to know their customers by making connections and forming relationships. By listening and paying attention to the customer’s needs and wants staff are more likely to deliver good customer service. As one shopper put it you want to feel like you’re that special customer that they’ve been waiting for all day.

More than half (58%) of the shoppers surveyed said that they want to be greeted with a genuine welcome when they entered. Engaging, warm and friendly staff make customers feel welcomed to the business – eye contact and a smile goes a long way!

A third (33%) of shoppers state that good customer service is when staff are willing to help and provide assistance – this includes being eager to please as well as going that extra mile with nothing being too much trouble.

A third (31%) also stated that staff’s product knowledge contributes to good customer service. Properly trained staff who provide consistent advice on products that they have experience with.

1 in 10 shoppers also listed other attributes that contribute to good customer service including staff who meet or exceed expectations; being left with a positive feeling about buying; and being given space and time to browse.

But why offer good customer service? Customers who feel welcomed, engaged and helped are happy customers. As one shopper put it good service makes the experience more enjoyable and makes people more likely to come back or recommend the business to others.

Other responses included:

  • Being respected and treated the same and not judged
  • Given time to browse and make their own decisions
  • Being quick and offer efficient service
  • Ability to follow up on enquiries
  • To recognise and acknowledge repeat customers
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