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What Our Clients Think About Us

Our business at Mystery Customer is built around providing quality feedback to our clients.

Give us an indication of how well we were performing from our clients perspective we recently conducted a short survey of our clients. When asked to comment on the value of the reports to them, 93% of respondents stated that the information supplied was either very valuable or valuable. There were no respondents who stated that the information was of little or no value to them.

We also asked how our clients regarded the responsiveness of Mystery Customer staff to any questions or problems that they may have experienced. 92% of respondents regarded our responsiveness to them as being either excellent or good. Again there were no respondents who saw our responsiveness as being poor.

We also sought our clients’ views on the user-friendliness of our reports. 55% of respondents regarded the reports as extremely easy to read and understand and 34.5% stated the reports were easy to read and understand.

It was found that reports were mainly of use to our clients in the management of their staff with 78% of respondents using the results to reward outstanding staff and 56% to determine training priorities. Reports were also seen as being important to 22% of clients in determining the effectiveness of their marketing or promotional campaigns.

While it was obvious that the bulk of our clients are happy with the service that we provide for them, we at Mystery Customer are always seeking to enhance the quality of everything we do. As part of the survey, we asked clients for suggestions on how we could improve our program or our service. We have taken many of the suggestions on board and are currently implementing them.

If you can suggest ways in which we can improve please contact us on 1300 601 234.

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