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Mystery Customer FAQs

  • How will the Mystery Customer Program help my business?

    Without "pointing the finger", Mystery Customer reports can uncover poor performance and allow you to reshape employee behaviour in a cost-effective manner. Your business will discover how to identify and correct weaknesses, measure progress and use the data gathered to gain a competitive edge.
  • How can Mystery Customer improve my bottom line?

    During the past few years we have helped businesses to attract & retain customers by increasing customer service standards; Identify new business opportunities; and enhance employee sales ability through customer service skill training.
  • Can Mystery Customer provide benchmark comparisons?

    Yes. We will provide you with comparable data so you can benchmark your business against other businesses registered in the program.
  • How much does participation in the program cost?

    Our fees are usually a function of our ongoing administrative charges, shopper payments and reimbursement of visit costs. There is also a one-off set-up fee to cover the cost of setting up questionnaires and other initial arrangements. Charges also reduce for the longer you commit to the program.