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About Mystery Shopping

“Mystery Shopping is the practice of using trained shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising, and product quality.” (MSPA)

No matter what industry your business is in, our mystery shoppers can provide objective quantitative and qualitative feedback about their customer experience. Our feedback helps businesses find out areas where they are doing well in, and other areas where there is room for improvement.

When location, pricing, and product assortment are no longer unique, service is often the key to success of failure. We can provide invaluable assessments on your customer service.

In addition to evaluating staff performance, our mystery shoppers can also check up on whether your products, pricing and placement are appealing to the customer. Wherever your company has a customer touch point, our mystery shopper can assess and report back on their findings. This includes mystery shops conducted: in person, over the telephone and interaction over the Internet.

Benefits of mystery shopping include:

  • Provides audits on pricing and merchandising compliance ensuring uniformity between stores
  • Identifies training needs and sales opportunities - feedback on whether or not sales people are following your process
  • Ensures positive customer relationships on the front line to improve customer retention
  • Enforces employee integrity and make them aware of what is important in serving customers
  • Identifies how products are being sold by resellers
  • Provides benchmarking between stores to see which stores are performing well and which have room for improvement