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Are your Christmas promotions being implemented the way you expected?

As the peak Christmas retail period fast approaches, like most business managers you are probably hoping that the marketing initiatives you have put in place for this peak selling period will help boost your sales.

But how do you know that all of the great PoS material you have created has actually been put on display and the retail sales staff are promoting your products?

With so much competition on the retail floor, space is a premium. At this time of year it is not uncommon for your merchandiser to have spent hours setting up a display only for the store manager to have it relocated, or even worse… been replaced with that of a competitor !

Perhaps you have organised an incentive scheme to encourage retail staff to recommend your product over that of competitors and want to monitor its effectiveness.

With hundreds of stores to cover during this period, it is difficult and time consuming for your field force to be constantly monitoring what is happening in each store. This is where Mystery Customer Pty Ltd can help.

As one of Australia’s leading mystery shopping providers, we have thousands of mystery shoppers located all around Australia who can provide you with the up to date information about what is happening with your products in every retailer you supply. Whether it be a simple visual audit to verify that your PoS and marketing collateral are properly displayed through to gathering marketing intelligence as to what products retail partners are recommending to customers - we can help!

Our state-of-the-art online reporting portal provides you with fast and informative business intelligence to help you stay on top of your competitors. Through our sophisticated benchmarking programs you can also compare different stores in different locations against others within your organisation to track where the best performers are. View a sample PDF report and our online benchmarking report.

We are so confident that we offer one of the best and most comprehensive mystery customer programs in the country that we would like to offer you a free trial of our service so you can experience it for yourself.

Your free mystery customer trial report includes:

  • A free analysis of retail partner service staff standards, sales ability and attention to detail
  • Free monitoring of field compliance with key marketing initiatives
  • Report customisation for your company
  • Rapid 48-hour turnaround with detailed feedback
  • Free assessment of your business on as many as 30 different criteria
  • 24/7 access to your very own online reporting portal

To book your free mystery customer evaluation report, simply contact us by one of the means listed below:

P. 1300 601 234


E. [email protected]

Let us know you are interested in the free trial and we can organise for a report to be completed within 7 working days. But hurry as this offer is only available for a limited time due to the pre-Christmas rush!

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