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Mystery Shopping Through These Tough Times

In these turbulent economic times, consumers’ are changing the way they spend. Gallup has asked roughly 25,000 consumers about their views on the economy, their spending, and their brand relationship.

What they found was customer engagement predicts the frequency of patronage and spending in restaurants.

According to Gallup’s analysis, the best way to engage customers is to treat them as valued customers, followed by the warmth of the greeting and being fed well by pleasant servers. These factors are even more important than other things, such as healthy eating choices, value for money, availability of nutritional information, and even cleanliness!

The best way to engage customers is to alter employee behaviour. Having well trained employees who will engage with customers more is far more effective than expensive advertising campaigns. The key is treating diners as valued customers and giving them the warm greeting they deserve.

Gallup’s research clearly showed that when times are tough, the best option is to give customers what they want: an emotionally engaging experience and good food.

Mystery Customer Comment:
Our clients use our reports to provide feedback on how their employees are engaging with their customers. You can use our services and check whether you are doing the things Gallup identified as being important in these tough times.

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