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Scores are in – what now?

A mystery shop can provide you with information on the quality of your customer service, compliance with company policies or regulations as well as allowing you to spot-check the delivery of specific products or promotions. It allows you to send in a shopper to act as a normal customer (or a difficult one!), but to pay attention to a wide range of activities that normal customers may not notice. For example, you may wish to check that your staff members greet the customer with a specific sentence or that they suggest additional purchase choices at every transaction. A number of our clients use the mystery shop to check that monthly promotions are being actively touted within their business.

But what should you do when you get your mystery shopping reports back?

Firstly, read the report and read it well – take the time to sit and consider the overall score as well as the written comments against specific questions. Compare the results against previous reports and other outlets – you may find regional or seasonal differences in scores and be able to plot trends and patterns over time.

The shopper comments provide valuable feedback on your current standards. If you are reading the same comment again and again then that comment is telling you something! Use the report to make adjustments to your sales process, customer service standards, promotional activity, store layout and more. Shopper comments may also help you identify new areas of business opportunities, so keep an open mind to all suggestions.

Secondly, share good results with all staff members and reward the staff member/s that performed their job well – rewards can be in the form of praise, bonuses or extras like vouchers. You may also choose to implement team rewards when you receive consistently positive results. Incentive programs help to motivate staff to continually provide great customer service.

If the report came back with a negative result it is best to talk to the relevant staff member/s individually or in a small group. Use this as an opportunity to reinforce to your staff members what your service standards are and what is expected of them. Remember that this mystery shop was a moment in time – instead of focussing on the past, give the staff member the assistance and additional training to help them succeed in the future.

Finally, check that the reports are giving you answers to the questions that you need. You may find over time that the questions may need to be updated as you decide to focus on new areas or you have implemented changes. Mystery Customer can work with you to create new, or alter exisiting, questionnaires that address your changing needs.

About Mystery Customer Pty Limited

Mystery Customer is an Australian company founded in 2001 that specialises in providing mystery shopping services to businesses in a wide range of industries. We provide services to businesses wishing to monitor the performance of their business and to improve their customer service.

Mystery Customer’s services range from monitoring and reporting on customer service standards and compliance with company processes, through to our “Customer Voice” surveys where your actual customers are surveyed using online tools, with sophisticated reporting on results.

Mystery Customer is able to create customized surveys specific to your company, producing invaluable reports that can help grow your company.

For more information on Mystery Customer and what it can do for your company, please contact us on 1300 601 234 or visit

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