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Services for Car Dealerships, Servicing, Sales and Auctions

Mystery Customer provides mystery shopping programs to a wide range of car dealership, service and auction yards around Australia. From sales to auctions, service to trade-ins we can help you assess every facet of your customer service from greeting the customer through identifying their needs to closing the sale.

Through fully customisable surveys, you can have experienced mystery shoppers assess your car yard’s:

  • Initial greeting
  • Staff friendliness, professionalism and knowledge
  • Store cleanliness and presentation
  • Range of products and services
  • Promotions or discounts

Our shoppers can visit your dealership, auction house or service centre, make phone or website enquiries or even check your Facebook page.

Our clients, including Pickles Auctions, Manheim Auctions, Marshalls Motors Mercedes-Benz and James Frizelle’s Auto Group, use our reports that provide both graphical and analytical data that is both easy to understand and informative. You can use this information to independently check the performance standards that you have implemented. These results can help you identify areas that need improvement, focus training opportunities or to reward staff for outstanding performance. 

We also provide internal and external benchmarking reports that allow you to see how your various car yards perform against each other as well as against other yards in your area, state and across Australia.

Through our new Customer Voice program we can also help you survey your recent customers to find out what they think of your store, what needs improving and what additional services they want.

For more information please call Mystery Customer on 1300 60 1234 or complete our online contact form and we can send you samples of our superior reporting capabilities.