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Customer Service Training

Successful organisations recognise that, to maintain strong customer relationships and high customer satisfaction levels, all staff must take responsibility for the crucial part they play in delivering a final product or service. They recognise that if you’re not interacting with a customer directly, then you’re supporting someone who is. If you don’t provide that person - for example, a colleague, supplier or partner - with good service, then the customer ultimately suffers.



Customer Service Essentials is an in house, half to one-day customer service training course focussing on how to deliver excellent customer service, no matter what job you do or who your customers are. It covers fundamental techniques for dealing with different people, essential communication skills for building rapport and enhancing relationships, as well as how to handle difficult situations and angry customer effectively and professionally.

Currently, our professional trainers will travel to any business within 2 hours of Sydney (ie. between Newcastle and Wollongong). However, we will consider interstate training courses - please contact us to discuss your needs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase your awareness of how you can assist your internal and external customers
  • Identify your behavioural profile and describe how it can help or hinder you in dealing with others
  • Read other people’s behavioural profile and adapt your style to suit them
  • Develop stronger communication channels through building rapport, listening and questioning effectively and being assertive
  • Apply a range of telephone and email strategies for more effective communication

Course Content

Defining Customer Service and Meeting Expectations

  • Who are your customers?
  • Customer satisfaction

Fundamental techniques for handling people

  • DISC behavioural profiling
  • Customer service strengths
  • Reading other people

Communication skills for excellent customer service

  • Communication channels and their impact on our message
  • Listening and questioning skills to ensure two-way communication
  • Assertive communication formula to convey our message without aggression

How do we connect with people?

  • Build rapport and forming relationships
  • Creating impressions and recognising their impact
  • Employing telephone and email techniques to enhance communications

Dealing with difficult people and situations

  • Handling difficult situations
  • The angry customer
  • A complaint is a gift

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